Hey! I'm Jess.

Most days you can find me  10 cups deep in coffee and dancing obnoxiously to 90's R&B. Nothing satisfies me more than a good book on a cool Fall afternoon with a great playlist. Music is EXTREMELY important to me. I like to create soundtracks for my life- it's a fun game I like to play. I'm a HUGE people person and I basically live to make people feel loved and make them laugh.

I find  beauty in raw, honest, and genuine human moments. REAL MOMENTS MATTER.  It is my goal and passion to capture these moments while making you feel comfortable and celebrated.

I don't just want to be your photographer, I want to be your right-hand gal. Your drink-getter, hair fixer, personal DJ, your friend. You are worth being celebrated and your story is worth telling so allow me to tell yours.